Monday, August 22, 2016

JULY 25, 2016

(note from Mom: This post is out of order, better late than never!)

This was such a great week!!! we were able to see one of our investigators Tatay Rogelio enter into the waters of baptism! He was interviewed on Tuesday then was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday!!! it was so awesome!!!

Tatay Rogelio's story is the most amazing ever though!!!! He had been taught by missionaries for a few months and when he started he had a huge smoking problem! he has been smoking 2 packs a day since he was 16 years old and he is 73 years old now. So he was very addicted! Then when the sisters committed him to stop of course it wasn't all at once but he went from 2 packs to 20 sticks a day then to 15 then to 10 then 6 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then 0!!!! and now he is not smoking anymore!!! it is so amazing!!!!!

One night we came home after a HUGE rain storm and found our apartment flooded only like a half and inch or less of water but we are on the second floor but then we realized we left the windows open and my companions bed was soaking wet!!! luckily i had to mattresses on my bed so she had a dry bed to sleep on!!! We spent that night cleaning and drying our wet house!!!!
We have such a progressing investigator which is sister Harlyn! she is 20 years old and she is amazing! she came to church this week! The spirit is so strong in her lessons and she is truly prepared by heavenly father!!!

Also it is so stinking hot here now it feels like it is always about to rain so it is so humid and hot and then either rains so much or not at all and you just sweat to death!!! haha!!!
This was an amazing week!!!

Hope you all have a great week this week!!!

-Sister Thayn

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