Sunday, August 21, 2016

JULY 18, 2016

It has been an amazing week this week!!! We had our zone conference this week and our mission is doing a lot of changing... but changing for the good!!!! We are being more strict on things and strictly focusing on our studies but it will make us stronger missionaries!!! I love it so much!!!

I have truly learned the importance of studies this week! While I was reading this week in preach my gospel I came over this quote and I loved it so much!!! "For you to grow in the Gospel and stay on the path that leads to eternal life you NEED to develop a habit of gospel study" all of us need to read and study the scriptures as a habit every day to stay on the right path and reach eternal life!!! 

A blessing that I received this week from studies was on Sunday it was 5 minutes before sacrament was supposed to start and they said our speaker hasn't showed up so we will need you to speak and at first I was like WHAT!!!! NO I CANT DO THAT!!! but of course I accepted and then realized all I needed to do was share what I have been learning in my studies and share my testimony and that is exactly what I did and it turned out much better than I thought it would! It was such a blessing that i studied my scriptures!!! Now I encourage you all to do the same and always study your scriptures!!!!
Also I ate some very exotic this this week!!!! 
1. I ate this soup that has Cow skin and tissue in it... but the skin still had the hair on it! it looked like a bald mans head in my soup with hair sticking out the top of it! and their was hair swimming all in my soup!!! I ate as much as I could but my stomach would not allow me to finish it.... But the taste wasn't terrible the look and texture just was!

2. I finally ate Balut!!!! and that was terrifying but i did it!!! and no I did not like it I sure was gagging while I was eating!!! haha but SUCCESS!!!!👍

Also I took my first HOT SHOWER in my mission!! it was great!!!! 

Well that was my week but things are progressing and I am loving the work and I love being a missionary!!! I know this church is true and heavenly father loves us!!! 



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