Sunday, August 21, 2016

AUGUST 7, 2016


This has been quite the slow and unproductive week. I have been sick all week so we have not been working much but I am doing much better now!!!!

It has been raining non stop here!!! and I mean non stop!!! ok well it stops for like 15 seconds then just down pours again!!! I have never experienced rain like this ever before!!!  Yesterday we were at a members house and it was down pouring rain and all went out and rain through the rain and got soaking wet!!! good thing they live really close to our house! 

This week at our district meeting we had such a great meeting! it was all about the book of Mormon! We each bore our testimony about the book of Mormon and the spirit was so strong! One thing I know and believe so strongly is that if you don't read the Book of Mormon you WILL NOT PROGRESS IN YOUR LIFE!!!! no matter who you are if you have stopped reading the Book of Mormon you have just put yourself on hold and well you are not letting yourself progress! So please if you have stopped please start again! even if it is just 1 verse a day if you are too busy but no matter how much or little you read you will be blessed as long as you read so please read everyday as much as you can!!!
One quote I loved that was said in sacrament meeting was "There is no substitute in living the gospel of Jesus Christ."

I love and miss you all! thank you for all the prayers!!!

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