Sunday, August 21, 2016

JUNE 12, 2016

It was quite the busy week this week! 
On Monday night all the sisters in our zone (well there are only 4 of us...) all slept over at our apartment and all the elders at the Zone leaders apartment and 3:45am Tuesday morning we all got up and left the apartment at 4:45am and got on a van to Iloilo. We had multi zone conference 7:30am in Arevalo which is like a 2.3-3 hour drive away. But successful! we made it ontime! We were there until 4pm then on our way back to the buses! But we waited for a bus for 1 hour and there was no empty seats so we took a van again and oh man was that a long ride! it took forever to get home but we made it home safe and sound!!! While at the conference i got to see my BATA "Child"  (the sister that i trained) and my Apo "granddaughter" (The sister that my Bata is training) It was so fun getting to see them! It was President Aquino's last conference and maybe the last time we would all see him as our mission president! it was a sad but full of spirit conference! 

This week we went to our investigators house that just had a baby and we got to see her cute new baby boy. He is so tiny! it was so fun getting to see her as a mother! Now all we need to do is get her married to her husband and get her starting to come to church again and then BAPTIZE HER!!!

Like you all know we have lots of Deaf members in our branch and this week we were at the house of one of them and he needed a blessing so we called the elders and they came over to give him a blessing. (keep in mind that the deaf member is the only member in the family so we asked permission from his mother before the elders came over and it was okay with her but we should have told her what a blessing actually was... whoops!!! HAHA) The elders got there and well we said do it in any language you want because he is deaf and well he cant hear what you are saying he can just feel the spirit!!! then the elders started and the mother of the deaf member started praying out loud too and answering to what the elder was saying in the blessing and saying Hallelujah and oh man it was quite the funny experience!
Something fun this week was a member in our branch was coming home from Iloilo and he brought us KRISPY KREME!!! oh man my companion and I were so happy!!!!

Well it was an amazing week! love you and and miss you all!!!

-Sister Thayn

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