Sunday, August 21, 2016

JUNE 28, 2016


Wow it has been quite the unexpected week! So Monday after I emailed you all I went home and died I was so sick!!!! I laid on a bed on the bottom level of our house!! (and I was supposed to transfer on tuesday and none of my bags are packed) Then a few hours later I woke up and there were some members at our house bringing us food cause i told them I couldn't go to their house cause I was so sick. then they freaked out and said we had to go to the hospital! so after much convincing we went to the hospital! we started out in the ER then there was no doctor there so I had to be admitted for the night because there was a doctor upstairs! so I was admitted they took a chest X-ray and then different tests then they took me upstairs and I slept until every 3 hours they woke me up to take my vitals and give me more medication through my IV! Then the next day I found out i had an Amoeba. Anyway I stayed in the hospital from Monday night to Thursday afternoon. I was given lots of antibiotics and lots of members and missionaries came to  visit me! They were all so kind! and I was in a very very very nice hospital! I was very taken care of! haha but I am alright and just fine! i went home Thursday late afternoon and just slept then Friday I packed my things and luckily Friday the AP's came to do exchanges with the elders so I just had them take me to my new area on Saturday! it was great I got VIP transportation! I am still on antibiotics and will have another checkup on Thursday but I am feeling so much better on and off my stomach will hurt but I feel great and am working again! well my new area is fantastic!!! I love it so much it reminds me of home there are so many members in the ward and it is so great! I love it and I love my new companion her name is sister Tobias!!!

it hasn't been a very productive working week but i am alive and healthy and doing great and loving my new area and new companion!!! 

Love you all thanks for everything! have a good week!!!

-Sister Thayn

sorry I cannot get pictures to send maybe next week!!!

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