Monday, October 10, 2016

AUGUST 29, 2016

Sister Missionaries=RAT CATCHERS 
It was a good week this week but a little slow. My companion was sick for a few days this week so we just stayed home but other than that it was good.

On Saturday we had quite the adventure!!! I was asleep when i woke up to my companion yelling I SAW IT I SAW THE RAT!!!!  Well we have been having rat problems in our apartment! they seem to only come out when we are not home and eat our food... But this time i came out when we were home!!! We spent the next 2 hours trying to get it out of our room and out of the apartment!!! Well the hard thing is, is that we were both so terrified of the rat so it took FOREVER!!! We found it behind our dressers so we stood on our beds or on chairs and got long poles and started poking the dresser so the rat would run out... well that didnt work so we finally got the courage to pull the dresser away from the wall and well there it was!!!! It ran across the floor on to the bars on our windows and squeezed through a crack between the screen of the window and ran outside!!! Oh man after a lot of Screaming, jumping up and down and laughing it was finally OUT!!! we then immediately closed the windows and haven't opened it since!!! 

While i have been in this area we have been trying to visit this Less active family and every time we go there we get rejected or they dont want us there but 2 weeks ago we were able to teach them and it was a great experience and this past week we went to them again and the mother was so excited to see us she went and bought us snacks and drinks and sat us down to talk to us!!! wow that was quite the change we experienced!!! We are so excited to continue to teach them and have the return to the church!!! 
Hope you all had a great week!!! I would love to hear from you all this next week!!!
-Sister Thayn

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