Saturday, January 7, 2017

JANUARY 2,2017

Sorry not much time to update this week so just pictures!! 
Note from Mom:  Kiera tells me her heart is breaking to leave these wonderful people and the land of the Philippines.

DECEMBER 25, 2016


Hope you all had a great week! sorry not much time to type but here are a few pictures of our Christmas week!!!
Love you all and hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!
Sister Thayn

DECEMBER 18, 2016

 I hope you all have a Merry Christmas this week! Know that I love you all and am thinking of you all this Christmas Season!

It has been a great week! We had our Zone Christmas Conference it was simple but lots of fun! it was fun seeing my last companion! 
We have been working a lot and having lots of success and fun! 

We had a family home evening with a less active and her investigator family. it was so much fun and when we played games if you lost you got lipstick drawn on your face well everyone else had 1 or 2 lines and MY FACE WAS COVERED IN LIPSTICK! 

I love this gospel and missionary work! Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and I will see you all in a few weeks!!!

-Sister Thayn

DECEMBER 11, 2016


This has been such an amazing week! On Tuesday I transferred to my new area of Jordan Guimaras. We reported to the office then headed to the Warf where we rode a 20 min boat ride to the Island of Guimaras! We got off the boat loaded all the luggage's onto a trike and headed to our apartment! It took about a 30-45 min trike ride to our apartment! Oh man our area is BIG!!!! We got to the apartment and unpacked and bought food and then it was time for sleep! 
The next day we went out to work!!! I didn't realize that I would be hiking in this area... Haha. We literally hike everywhere all day long! it is quite the exercise but it is so much fun! I can see the true faith of the members here because the have to hike down from their homes to catch a tricycle to go to church on Sunday! Sometimes while we are working I don't think there are any houses because all it is, is a hiking trail but eventually we end up at a house! 

The awesome thing about our apartment is that we have an AIRCON!!!!!!!! the first area in my mission with an aircon. We also have a washing machine and a water heater in the shower! Lots of blessings here in Guimaras!

We have a few progressing investigators here but they are REALLY progressing! they all came to church yesterday it was so exciting! and the members were so awesome in fellowshipping them! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new area and my companion is so sweet! We went on a hike today to some falls! it is so amazing here! Love you all!

-Sister Thayn

Saturday, December 10, 2016

DECEMBER 4, 2016


This week has been absolutely crazy and emotions up and down with goods and bads but Sunday always seems to be the best day and it brings all the blessings! :)
Well this week we became a trisome and we have been working together in both areas so that was fun! 
While we were visiting a less active in her small shop we were eating and then I saw a cat run across the floor then I realized... THATS NOT A CAT THAT IS A RAT!!! yeah I almost had a heart attack! They sure got some bit CATRATS here! hehe! 😱
This past week was our wards temple trip so Sunday as the meeting was staring our members started flooding into the chapel straight from the boat dock. To get to the temple they have to ride a boat for 13 hours to Cebu Philippines temple. So they were all exhausting and some just in sweats from traveling but they all made it to church and changed into their Sunday's best and when they all started coming in to the chapel the spirit just flooded in! The spirit from the temple was so strong. Many of them bore their testimonies about the temple and their family sealing and endowments! it was so amazing to hear their stories and conversions about the temple! I am so excited to go to the temple when I get home! :)

Also one of our less active members that we just started teaching came to church for the first time!!!!!! we were so excited when we saw them enter into the chapel!!!!

Also last night we got a call that I

am TRANSFERRING my last transfer! I am going to Guimaras!!! the small island in our mission! I am so excited because I have always wanted to go there so it will be an adventure!!! 

Thanks for all your love and support!!!

-Sister Thayn

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NOVEMBER 27,2016


Typhoon clouds

Thanksgiving dinner
(Taco soup and Mashed potatoes)
Wow it has been a crazy week! The other day we woke up and got a phone call saying that work was cancelled for the day and we were not allowed to leave our house... well that's because a typhoon was headed our way. Oh man the rain was crazy and so strong! but nothing was hurt or ruined just lots of water and in other places of our areas it flooded but all is well now! :)
but it just happened to be the day I was doing my laundry that the typhoon came! And we don't have washing machines and dryers here we hand wash and hang dry... well ill just say my clothes didn't dry for like 3 days because there was so much rain.

We had a funny experience the other day. one of the Recent converts we are working with still has a problem with cigarettes and he was walking us down the street after buying us ice cream and then we asked him how many sticks he has smoked today and he said NONE! because he is sick but then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out one stick and says but I got this one for dinner!!! we tried to convince him to throw it away but he wouldn't then my companion says "Its either the ice cream or your cigarette which one do you want me to throw???" Before she even finished her sentence he had thrown the cigarette far away! Oh man we laughed so hard!

We have been rejected A LOT this week! sometimes it is frustrating but I know that heavenly father has a plan for all of his children and one day they will accept the gospel. but we had a lesson with the Cepeda family the other day! and we asked them if they have prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and she said that she asked and had a dream that Jesus Christ told her that she needed to read the book and keep listening! Oh my goodness when she told us that we wanted to jump up and down we were so excited she had received her answer!!! she says that she feels Jesus so strongly around her since she started listening to us! She says how she loves what we have to say and wants to keep listening and wants to come to church! 
It was a good week! I hope all of you are doing good too!!! 
Love you all!!!
-Sister Thayn


NOVEMBER 20, 2016


It has been another great week! To start out I have a funny story! Last Monday we were going home when I realized I forgot the key to our house. And to get into the gate to go inside you need a key and the fence is like 8 feet high or higher! We waited outside for like an hour because nobody was home to let us in. Then we realized we had to go out to work so we really needed to find a way in... So we had a genius idea and I lifted my companion to get up to the top of the fence and she got down on the other side and yay were able to get in! oh man that was a funny experience!!!

Christmas Lights
We have been having a challenging week with lots and lots of rejection but we had an amazing zone training where we learned about Miracles and prayer. I would encourage you all to read from the Bible Dictionary about Miracles and prayer. After learning about all that it really changed my mind set on missionary work and how I can be doing it better and more effectively! We are excited to put what we learned into action!!!  Also we had a dinner at a members house last week and she said something to me that really stood out! she was telling us of their life story and how the started with nothing and now they have a nice house and a car. She said "As long as you are worthy and living righteously god will give us blessings we need and want down to every detail if we just ask specifically in prayer." It just requires us to be worthy and living a righteous life! 

We had a funny experience we were talking to a little boy while we were out proselyting and we were speaking to him in English and we told him to say "we are friends right?" and his response was "We are French Fries!" oh man we got a good laugh out of that!

I also tried some crazy food! I at Chicken blood at a BBQ stand. Yeah grilled chicken blood. It was not that awful tasting but the idea of me eating blood freaked me out more than anything! HAHA

I love and miss you all! hope you all have a great week!
I know the gospel is true!!!!

Love, Sister Thayn