Saturday, December 10, 2016

OCTOBER 23, 2016


Wow this past transfer has gone by so fast! We got the call last night and I am not transferring everything is the same with my companion and I!

We had a good week this week! We found a new investigator her name is Angel. We had a great lesson with her and felt the spirit so strongly and she asked us if it was okay that she observed our religion! Wow that was a great question!! OF COURSE YOU CAN!!!! but too bad she didn't come to church this week but hopefully next week! 

This Saturday was my companions birthday so we had fun doing a little celebration for her! 

It has been so hot this week! Earlier in the week there was a huge typhoon in northern Philippines but we were not affected luckily just a little bit of rain! 
We went to a members house to eat this week and they served crab! so I got to eat crab for my first time! it was quite the experience! but crab is super yummy!!!

Yesterday was a little rough when in the morning while getting ready for church my mission president called and told me that Uncle Wade had passed away that was quite the surprise but I have great house mates and a great companion that really helped me! 

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

-Sister Thayn


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