Saturday, December 10, 2016

NOVEMBER 13, 2016


We had a good week this week. Earlier this week we had exchanges with our STL's and had such a fun time! It was fun because one of our STL's is my first trainee so it was fun being with both of my trainees and then working together!

On our splits we went to this super yummy restaurant and we ate Oysters and Catfish! oh man that catfish is the best fish I have ever eaten in my whole life!!!! it is so yummy!!!

This week we did not have much success with our investigators we actually got quite rejected this week but we did have success with our Less Actives and it was so awesome seeing them come into church with their whole families. It was a great feeling having members return back to church! What a blessing! 

A funny story we were eating at an outdoor restaurant and the roof and building was made out of bamboo and while we were waiting for our food I felt something drop on me... but I looked around and nothing... then I heard the people behind me laughing so I turned around and come to find out that they were laughing at me!!! then they started pointing at me and I am not sure why they didn't tell me what was going on (probably they thought I didn't know how to speak their language) but then I come to find out that the thing that had fallen on me was a TIKI or a lizard. I guess it was crawling around my back but I couldn't find it to get it off but it ran down my skirt and finally jumped off!! that was a funny experience! 

Well yesterday after church we had an amazing experience where we all gathered all the missionaries in the mission and we were able to have Elder Quentin L. Cook come speak to us and shake our hands!! It was such an incredible experience! He is truly called of God and the things he testified about and spoke about were absolutely incredible and the blessings he bestowed on us all the the mission was so special! The spirit was so strong and my testimony grew stronger about my Savior! I know my Savior lives and I know that he loves us all! He knows us all personally and suffered for all our pains, sins, hurts and sorrows. I am so grateful to be his servant and wear his name everyday and be his representative. In the name of Jesus Christ amen!

Love you all have a great week!

Sister Thayn

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