Saturday, December 10, 2016

NOVEMBER 6, 2016


Oh man it has been a crazy week! We had lots of slow and uneventful days but yesterday was such an incredible day full of success!

But first a funny story! On Saturday it was raining so hard and our area started to flood but that didn't stop us... so we just kept working and tried not to get wet but we found this short-cut to our next investigators house so we decided to take that but then we ended up in a rice field and the only way out was to walk through there were no pathways in the rice field that we could cross so we had to walk through the muddy rice fields. Then we decided to take another short-cut ( you would have thought we had learned out lesson by then but... NOPE!) well this short cut was very, very muddy and I was praying I wouldn't fall into the flooded muddy fields and then we got to this one part where we had to jump over this small dip in the ground and when I lifted up my one foot to cross the other slipped and BOOM I fell into the mud but luckily my hands and knees caught me and I my clothes were not muddy just all up my arms and knees down! That was quite the funny experience! now lesson learned don't do short cuts when it is raining!!! 

Yesterday we had appointments with families that we met this week and it was such an amazing experience!!! Yesterday we taught 4 whole families!!! It is such an amazing feeling when you get to teach complete families!!! We taught one family and they were so interested and said they will ask and pray to know if the message is true and if the Book of Mormon is true! and They said how they want to come to church and because they now know us they will come!!! then another family we taught and you could just see the change in their eyes while they were listening and the spirit come into their house! 

I love this gospel so much and the change and love it has brought into my life! 
It is so rewarding being a missionary!!!!
Also something weird I ate this week was Oysters! :)

Love and miss you all! See you soon!!!

-Sister Thayn

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