Saturday, December 10, 2016

NOVEMBER 20, 2016


It has been another great week! To start out I have a funny story! Last Monday we were going home when I realized I forgot the key to our house. And to get into the gate to go inside you need a key and the fence is like 8 feet high or higher! We waited outside for like an hour because nobody was home to let us in. Then we realized we had to go out to work so we really needed to find a way in... So we had a genius idea and I lifted my companion to get up to the top of the fence and she got down on the other side and yay were able to get in! oh man that was a funny experience!!!

Christmas Lights
We have been having a challenging week with lots and lots of rejection but we had an amazing zone training where we learned about Miracles and prayer. I would encourage you all to read from the Bible Dictionary about Miracles and prayer. After learning about all that it really changed my mind set on missionary work and how I can be doing it better and more effectively! We are excited to put what we learned into action!!!  Also we had a dinner at a members house last week and she said something to me that really stood out! she was telling us of their life story and how the started with nothing and now they have a nice house and a car. She said "As long as you are worthy and living righteously god will give us blessings we need and want down to every detail if we just ask specifically in prayer." It just requires us to be worthy and living a righteous life! 

We had a funny experience we were talking to a little boy while we were out proselyting and we were speaking to him in English and we told him to say "we are friends right?" and his response was "We are French Fries!" oh man we got a good laugh out of that!

I also tried some crazy food! I at Chicken blood at a BBQ stand. Yeah grilled chicken blood. It was not that awful tasting but the idea of me eating blood freaked me out more than anything! HAHA

I love and miss you all! hope you all have a great week!
I know the gospel is true!!!!

Love, Sister Thayn

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