Monday, October 10, 2016


Great Week!

Sorry I don't have much time to write today but this week has been such a great week! I am doing good and my companion and are a great!!! She is preparing to go home next week so that will be a sad day but her 18 months are up and its time for her to go home!

Well a funny story this week was we were running low on food at the house so we made some weird concoction and I was pouring flour into the mixture when the mixture started to foam up and I was so confused when I realized I put in baking powder not flour!!! HAHA they have the same bag and look very similar!! WHOOPS!!! well we still made it and tried the food and YES IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!! haha well I wont ever make that mistake again!!! 

Our work in our area is very slow right now we are doing our best to make it progressing and i know it will be one day we are just striving our best to do our part! 

We had a fun p-day today and as a district went indoor rock climbing! that was so fun! 

well that was my week! hope all you are well!!!

-Sister Thayn 

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