Monday, October 10, 2016

OCTOBER 9, 2016

Soaking Wet. . . . .AGAIN! 
This has been such an amazing week! We watched general conference and it was so inspired and I loved it so much!
We had lots of rain earlier in the week and we were teaching a lesson when all of a sudden we had a rain attack and out of nowhere it was raining like crazy and we only had 1 tiny umbrella! so we ran through the rain to find a tricycle but my companion was holding the umbrella and I am so much taller than her and we were running and I was standing behind her when her umbrella hit a plastic tarp and all the water on the tarp came pouring down on ME! haha it was so funny and I was soaking WET!!!

One night was quite the scary night my companion and I were planning and the other sisters were in their room asleep they came home early cause one of the sisters wasn't feeling well then all of a sudden during our planning the sister that wasn't feeling well came bursting in our room crying! She couldn't breathe and was having a panic attack! We realized she was having a allergy attack and so I called our mission presidents wife and she said to take her straight to the ER so that's what we did we were all in shock and found a taxi and went straight to the ER and they were able to calm her down and then our mission president showed up and we ended up staying in the ER until midnight! but we ended up going home that night and all was well and she is fine now it was just quite the panic and scary moment we had! 

We had some great lessons this week and have 4 new investigators one is a family! There lessons were so spiritual and it was such a miracle we had this week in our area! 

Also Today during my personal study I finished the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time here in my mission! I love the Book of Mormon and I know it is true with all my heart!!! 

Thanks for all the love support and prayers!!!

Have a great week!!

-Sister Thayn
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