Monday, October 10, 2016


It has been another good week!
We have some really progressing investigators Joel and Johnrel and they should be getting baptized in the next few weeks if they continue to go to church! 

This week we were trying to find a referral and we were walking and walking and asking all these people to find our referral and we finally found her!!! When we walked up to the house they were all sitting outside and before they knew who we were they invited us in and then we realized they already knew who we were and they wanted us to teach them right away!!! so we taught them about the restoration and it was a great lesson and we have a return appointment with them this week! They are a family and we are so excited to have another family to teach! 

We also had the opportunity to teach a less active family we had set a specific time and date to visit then and when we showed up at their house that night they were cleaning the house in preparation for us! The family all sat down and we taught the restoration and showed them the video of joseph smiths first visit. While we were teaching we could see the change in the fathers eyes! it was such a spiritual lesson! Right as we were about to leave they asked when we could come back and we have another appointment with them this week!! Also yesterday at church 2 of their children came! we wish that the whole family came but I

remembered by small and simple things GREAT things will come to pass! I know that one day this family will be active again in the church! 

Also it rained a lot this week! 🌦🌦🌦🌦
That was my week!!! thanks for all the letters and love!!!

New batch of Missionaries
-Sister Thayn 

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