Monday, October 10, 2016

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

Week Full of Miracles
This has been such an amazing week!!! First I 
found out that my 1st convert Tatay Eduardo from my first area now has the Melchizedek priesthood!!! I almost cried when i found that out I am so happy for him!!! 

Also I am a trainer!!! my Trainee's name is Sister Cobing from Bacolod she is so sweet! We also now have housemates who is also being trained so we are having so much fun!!! 

This week we did our first street display here in our area and it was absolutely incredible!!! Member's came and helped and did such amazing missionary work and we had so much fun! our trust was built so much with the ward and priesthood leaders!! it was so successful! also a miracle that happened was before we left our house to go do the display we prayed that it would not rain on our stand and..... well it down poured, but.... Nothing on our stand got wet! i think it rained everywhere else except where we were standing and where the display was! WHAT A MIRACLE!!! 

Also yesterday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator sister Harlyn and her sister Dharlyn they asked so many questions and because it was the first time we taught her sister we talked a lot about different things to answer her questions. Also sister Harlyn testified that she knew what we were saying is true! She told her sister that when we first taught her about the 3 kingdoms she didn't know it was true but know she knows it is true and she wants her sister to know! Lots of miracles happened this week!!!!

Thanks for all the love and prayers!!!

-Sister Thayn


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