Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JANUARY 24, 2016


Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a good week! This was an interesting week but no matter how fast or slow the week is going the work must go on and will always progress because this is the gospel of Jesus Christ this is the only true church on the world right now and nothing or nobody can stop this work from progressing!

This week was pretty dead because here in the Philippines they have a lot of festivals and this week in Iloilo City they had the huge Dinagyang festival. If you haven't heard of it look it up it is crazy!! Well that was bad news for us because it didn't come to our area and everyone was at the festival so there was nobody to teach! But we did receive permission to go to the festival for 2 hours. The festival was crazy there were so many people there and so much food and music and colors! We got some fun feathered mask headband things!!! We were walking down the street when this guy came up to me and I turned around and he was american so I was able to talk to him and tell him why we were here and our purpose as missionaries! It was so cool, he was from Seattle and was just here on a trip he recognized us from our badges and said he had to talk to us so that was a cool experience. 

Also this week we had exchanges with our STL's I was with sister Fotu she is from Tonga! It was so fun, she makes missionary work so fun! We did a lot of tracting and we finally got the guts to ring the doorbell of a huge house and guess what happens next... this red headed american lady answers the door and i was in absolute shock! I didn't know whether to speak in hiligaynon or English but then sister Fotu just started speaking in Hiligaynon and the lady says "I dont understand you" so then sister Fotu nudges me and then i speak English to her. She was not very happy that we were there and wanted nothing to do with us and slammed the door but WOW! I found an american living in the Philippines! You might think that is weird but for reals whenever i go anywhere i am the only american in sight! It was a bummer that she didnt accept us but we did our purpose and invited her and it was her choice whether to accept or not. 

Also on exchanges we were walking home when we started talking to this old lady and she was so excited that i knew how to speak her language she held my hand and arm all the way till we separated to go our way, and we gave her a book of Mormon and when i did she kissed me like six times on my cheek! HAHA it was so funny! But she was so excited she could talk to me and i could understand her and talk back to her! 

I was reading in my personal studies one morning and out of Preach my Gospel i read "You are to Study, Believe, Love, and Live what you Teach." This quote really stood out to me! as missionaries we really need to do all those things to be the most effective missionaries we can be. Not just missionaries but us all as members we need to Study, Believe, Love and Live all that we know about the gospel and teach it to those who don't know around us! 

One more funny story I had just gotten home for the day and it was so hot and i was so sweaty and gross and muddy and dirty (that is just a normal day here in the Philippines) so after we closed our day and planned for the next day I decided to take a shower so i am in the shower and realized that oh man WE HAVE NO WATER! we only had a tiny drizzle coming out of the facet. But i was so gross and already in my towel so i came out into the kitchen and the only thing i could find was a 1/2 gallon pitcher and YES YES I DID, that night i showered out of a 1/2 Gallon pitcher with a tiny drizzle of water! You could say that shower was forever but I got clean that's all that mattered right? HAHA I never thought that one day i would ever have to do something like that but that's life here in the Philippines and I love it!!

Well that was my week! I hope you all are good! LOVE YOU ALL! Keep doing what is right and remember who you are!!! 

-Sister Thayn

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