Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JANUARY 17, 2016

HELLO EVERYONE! This has been a good but also challenging week! For three days this week Sister Hein and my companion Sister Manilay have been sick so they have stayed home while me and Sister Hein's companion have worked together! But we did have some cool and amazing experiences this week. One day we were tracting and we saw this guy outside his apartment and he was walking his dog when we decided to talk to him. Then he asked me how long I have been here and how I knew Tagalog... then I said oh I dont know Tagalog only Hiligaynon and he said Oh well I don't know Hiligaynon only Tagalog so we decided English was our best option! He had so many questions for us and wondered how Joseph Smith even got in the picture and we told him how excited we were to share him just exactly that! He let us into his home where we taught him all about the restoration and invited him to pray for himself to know if this is true and he accepted! That was the first lesson I ever taught in all English and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I kept slipping Hiligaynon words in there and oh man I have super broken English now! But it was such an amazing and spiritual lesson and we now get to return back to him this week to share about the Plan of Salvation!
Also for the past month we have been trying to teach a less active sister in our ward but every time we get there before we can get to the door her daughter is outside and says she is not there or yells into the house that we are coming and when we get to the door she says she isn't home. Well we knew that wasn't true and we were just sad that she is hiding from us and doesn't want to talk to us. But then on Saturday we decided to drop by one more time and this time Sister Rosemarie was outside! So she couldnt run and hide from us. We were able to teach her and she cried during the lesson because the spirit was so strong and we were really able to figure out her concerns and need and we invited her to church. Then Sunday morning we were sitting in Relief society which is the first hour and all of a sudden i see Rosemarie walking in to the church!!!! AHHHH!!!! I was so excited! I have been in this ward for almost 6 months and she has only come once when we picked her up but this time she came all by herself and stayed all three hours and was so happy and hugged me and asked when we were going to visit her again! It was such an incredible experience!!!
Something funny that happened was we were teaching Tatay Eduardo when he showed us his new bracelet that said "I LOVE JESUS" he was so excited about it! He said he wanted to buy us all one but he didn't know which color we wanted! Oh man I laughed so hard! He is the cutest old man ever! If we all just had the incredible faith that Tatay Eduardo has!!!

We were able to watch the young adults devotional yesterday given by Russell M. Nelson and it was so good! I want to share a few things that I

really liked! He said we need to spend more time in holy places (Temple, Going to church, and making our homes/apartments/dorms holy). He said Listen with the intent to obey and if you do the Prophets will NEVER lead you astray! Also he made it very bold to be VERY careful whose counsel we follow! The world is getting more and more wicked every day but if we continue and stay close to the lord and the prophets we will never be led astray! Also just like missionaries we need to obey the mission rules with exactness he said we all need to follow the Prophets with EXACTNESS! That was such an amazing and uplifting devotional he gave! I hope that this can help you all in some way!

This is a Jeepney
And like I said to these investigators the other day! I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE! If I didn't I wouldn't be here away from my family, in a foreign country, speaking a foreign language, serving and sharing the gospel everyday! This gospel is true and we all have such a loving heavenly father who wants to know us and have a relationship with us all we have to do is pray to him. I love you all so much and am so grateful i have this opportunity to serve a mission for the lord here in the Philippines Iloilo Mission!
-Sister Thayn

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