Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Coke in a bag?!
Time is just flying by here in the Philippines! Tomorrow I will have been out for 2 months! I am still just trying to adjust to everything but things are getting better and I am getting more comfortable. Well except for the heat.... it is so stinkin hot here I can't even explain it! 

Yesterday during sacrament meeting was my first experience with a brownout.... A brown out is what the Philippines call it when the power goes out. The power went out for like 15 minutes which means no fans or air conditioning which means SOOOOO HOT! we were all sweating like crazy! Then luckily the power came back on but later on that night there was a Brownout again and we were in a less active members house and then we decided to go home cause the power wasn't going to come back on and it was super dark outside. So we walked home in the dark with a tiny flashlight and we were home early because of the Brownout so we decided to make Pasta! We had candles lit all around the house and a few flashlights on, but it gets so dark here at like 6pm. But luckily right before we were going to bed the power came back on!!! I was so grateful for that because I wasn't excited to sleep without a fan on me! Fans are like your best friends here in the Philippines! 

FHE with the  Equilla Family
This week we were doing our best to try and find people to teach! And we were just walking around tracting and my companion says I like to tract to every house and get rejected until I can recognize the spirit tell me where to go! and we were about to stop but then she said lets go down this last street and so we did and at the very last house down the street it is this tiny hut in the corner and we knocked and.... THEY LET US IN! They are now our new investigators! If we wouldn't have followed that prompting to go down that last street we would have never found them! Their names are Sister Bernedeth, Brother Joseph and Brother Edeltes. Joseph and Edeltes are Bernedeth's brothers. Bernedeth has 5 little children! They are all so cute! They are very interested which is so exciting! They are reading the book of mormon and they say how much they like it! They also keep telling us how they want to go to church so hopefully they will come this next week!

Well all is well here in the Philippines! I still get stared at all the time walking down the street and people always want to talk to me and smile at me so that always makes me happy! I tried some new crazy fruits this week that were really yummy! I hope all is well with everyone! Thanks for all the emails! Love you all have a good week! 

Rice cooked in coconut milk and brown sugar wrapped in Banana leafs! (we bought it from this lady walking around with a basket on her head selling things!) So yummy!
banana trees
-Sister Thayn


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