Thursday, September 3, 2015

AUGUST 31, 2015

Sister Thayn, Sister Hein & Sister Briggs
Wow it has been forever since I was able to email but I am now officially in the Philippines! The flight here was so long and it took over 24 hours to get here! We then got picked up by the Manila MTC president so was so kind! We stayed at the Manila MTC for 5 days! The time adjustment was quite hard but the president was so nice and would tell us to go to bed whenever he thought we looked tired and I was so grateful for that because I was able to adjust to the time faster! Then on Wednesday morning at 5:00 am we went to the airport to fly to Iloilo.
Sister Thayn & Sister Fantone

We stayed at one of the sisters apartments near the mission home the first night! Me and my two companions shared 2 mats and 1 fan and that was our bed for the night! I had no idea how hot it was going to be here! You always have to sleep with a fan or else you serious will die it is so hot! and to keep the bugs off of you! Then the next day I found out who my trainer is! Her name is Sister Fantone, she is from the Philippines and she is so sweet! And she speaks English very good so that was a relief! Actually lots of people here speak or understand English pretty well! The language is pretty hard and i am just trying to do my best to understand and I have a really hard time speaking but eventually I will! I just pray every day for the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues. 

The Philippines is so different! First of all the driving here is INSANE! my first time in a car I literally thought I was going to die! Our driver said there is one rule in the Philippines with driving and that is FILL IN THE BLANKS! and that is literally what they do! It is insane but it seems to work for them cause I haven't seen an accident yet! I have only eaten a few things but all were yummy! I tried a coconut they cut it open with a huge knife thing and gave me a straw to drink out of! I at this meat off a skewer I actually don't know what it was but it was good! Maybe it is good that I don't know what it is! I ate this sardines mixture thing. Also funny thing was the first meal in the Philippines was breakfast and we had rice and this meat stew stuff. So different than breakfast at home! and then my second breakfast was rice and hotdogs! But the hot dogs were like giant Vienna sausages in a can so they were kind of gross! They eat so much rice here!!!! 

My first area is in the city! I am in the Jaro 2nd ward! The people here are so nice and welcoming! We live in a 2 story apartment with two other sisters so there are four of us in the apartment! It is so fun! Sometimes during the day we do not have water but we always have extra buckets full of water just in case that happens! And bucket showers aren't as bad as I thought they were going to be! The few short days I have been here i have truly come to realize how blessed we all are with what we have. Here in the Philippines people have a tiny room with a few mats maybe and possibility a bathroom. They are the most humble people though! They are so kind! 

Sister Thayn  in front of first apartment
It is so funny walking down the road because I get honked at all the time and waved at! I get called beautiful all the time and people always want to talk to me. One time I was walking down the street and my companion was in front of me and said hi to this little girl and then I walked past and the little girls jaw dropped and she said WOWWWW! HAHA it was so funny! We went up to her and talked to here and my companion said she was speechless! She says people look at us American's like celebrities! She said we are going to use that a benefit for tracting! I think everyone needs to come to the Philippines for a self esteem booster! I don't think I have ever been called beautiful so many times in my life! And I have crazy hair and no makeup on! So life is GREAT! LOL 

I am still trying to adjust to everything but I have truly loved my morning studies and have had my testimony grow so much! Although people may be different we are all children of god and all are important and god loves us all! Yesterday we were able to give away 5 Book of Mormons and talk to so many people! We were carrying around an English Book of Mormon to give away and I was really confused why but god sure had a plan for us because he found the most perfect person to give it to! We found this lady walking her dog down this street she is 89 years old and she lived in Hawaii for 60 years as a teacher and she spoke English! We told her who we are and our purpose and she said she is a Baptist and she loves god! And long story short we asked her if she would like a Book of Mormon and she accepted and said she only reads in English so it was perfect and we were able to give away that Book of Mormon! 

I hope all is well with everyone! I love receiving your emails! Thank you for all your prayers! Good luck with everyone who is going back to school and hope you have a good week! Love you all!

-Sister Thayn


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