Sunday, September 27, 2015

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Flooding in the streeets

Wow I cant believe another week has just passed! Time goes by so fast! This week was good we found a new investigator named Joselito. He is very interested in the gospel and loves when we visit so I cant wait to see what happens!

We also had our mission tour this week which was amazing. It really motivated us to do our best because this time isnt ours it is the lords and we owe him everything. We learned more about the Abrahamic covenant and the house of Israel. And I swear at every meeting we have as a mission they talk about marriage. And every time I think I JUST GOT ON MY MISSION AND THEY ALREADY WANT ME TO BE THINKING OF MARRIAGE??? I think it is funny but I know that it is only through marriage in the temple that we can receive exaltation! 
Our cute investigators chldren

I still get laughed at when I am talking to people especially children. When we are in lessons the kids will whisper something in my ear and I will just nod and pretend like I understand what they are saying lol! Sometime I wonder what they really are saying. Also the kids love my hair they always ask to touch and braid it! so I have crazy hair sometimes after a lesson. 

This week we also met this very anti Christ man. He was very upset that we were calling him brother and went off about how there is no Christ. All he wanted to do was contend with us so we just smiled and wished him well and left. There is probably something we could have done or said but all he wanted was contention and that is not of Christ so we just left. 

It also rains every day! Which is the best cause it cools things down but this week it rained so much and I witnessed my first flood! It was crazy and what ever you do you dont want to walk in that water.... GROSS! so we were jumping from rock to rock and dry place to dry place so we didnt get wet! We probably looked really funny! 

This week was good but I know next week will be better because every day we all need to do our best and strive to be better! Love you all have a good week!

-Sister Thayn

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