Thursday, April 28, 2016

MARCH 27, 2016

District Youth Conference and Easter
 I Cannot believe how fast time flies by here!!! It is almost April! This week has been a good one we have taught a lot, laughed a lot, sweated a lot, and walked a lot but never the less it was an amazing week! I found out the other day that this April will hit record high temperatures and i am not sure how i feel about that! SO HOT!!!!

This past week we have been doing our best to help one of our investigators get married so that she can get baptized. Her testimony is so strong and she has such a desire but it is so challenging to get married here in the Philippines so that is our challenge right now... 
Toko in our kitchen

One of the families that we are teaching right now is really progressing! WE are so excited for them. The sad thing is they still haven't come to church but amat amat (step by step) we know they will come! We taught them again yesterday about the Restoration and how we have the true church here on the earth again and most importantly we have the priesthood that is so important for all the ordinances in the church especially baptism. They are truly prepared and a golden family!

On Tuesday it was one of the elders birthday so we had a district party after district meeting and then the branch threw him a surprise bday party and we had lots of fun, food and cake that day! 

Baby chick for Easter
This weekend was Antique district (we are not yet a stake we are a district) youth conference. It was at a really nice resort right by the beach. It was so nice I wanted to do a family reunion there only problem the flights are super expensive. but that would be a wish of a lifetime!!! but we had lot of fun at youth conference we ate a few meals there and then on Friday we received a group of youth that we got to go proselyting with for about a half an hour. We received a lot of referrals and it was so fun and super good for the youth to see how missionary work happens. 
disco dance at Youth conference
Speaking of Easter all this week we taught people about the 2nd coming of Christ and about the judgement day. And something that my dad always taught me is to be prepared. Not just for the 2nd coming but for everything in life! But all of us need to be ready for the second coming all we know is his hand is nigh and he comes quick. What better warning than that! We need to prepare our best and do our best to be ready for when Christ comes. No matter how unpopular or inconvenient it may be preparing yourself and staying close to our heavenly father will save you through any disaster or trial in this life. 

B-Day party with the district
Something funny this week was I was getting my eyebrows threaded last pday and the guy that was doing it was so surprised i could speak the language and then he told me how he was single... on and on and then ended up telling me he would wait for me after my mission and would come to america. HAHA oh man the people we find!! 

Love you all have a good week!!!
-Sister Thayn


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