Thursday, April 28, 2016

APRIL 18, 2016

Happy Birthday TO ME!!

YAY! its my Birthday Today!!! It is so cool that is can say i had my 20th birthday in the Philippines! So far my birthday has been great! I have the best companion and missionaries that live by us! we have so much fun together and the day is just starting so we will see what else happens this birthday!

This week has been lots of fun! at the beginning of the week i was super sick but luckily only lasted 1 day and then back to work. I found out that is is about 100 degrees everyday while we are out working and walking in the hot sun, and the heat index or what the temperature feel like with humidity is 125 degrees! oh man you could say it is insane heat here!  

This week i was also able to make Banana bread that was so fun and reminded me of home! 
I also cut my companions hair this week and that was the first time i have ever given a haircut! that was an adventure but she looks so cute don't worry! 

Something that i loved that happened this week was we were at a members house that had recently returned back to the church. We were talking about temples and Jesus and the sister said, "I just cannot wait for Jesus to come! I dont know what i am going to do when i see him i think i will just stare at him" Then her little daughter said "Just stare at him mom well i am going to run up to him and embrace him" That was so amazing we all need to be just like the little children and run up and embrace him in all that we do. 
Also this week another eye opening thing happened i had just barely bought cold water from the store on the way to our investigators house and was holding it in my hands and when we got to the house the children were all eyeballing the cold water and the sister was like wow cold water that is so amazing all we drink is hot water cause it is so hot outside and we have no fridge. So i gave them my cold bottled water and it was like Christmas day for them. Something so simple that we all take for granted is cold water and i truly felt so blessed that day of all the things that we have in our lives!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! 

Sister Thayn

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