Thursday, April 28, 2016

MARCH 20, 2016

Four to a Motorcycle??
It has been another good week full of Fun, Adventures, and the Spirit!
On Friday we did service at our investigators house sister Sandrea. We did her Laba (Laundry) for her. It ended up in a water fight with me, Sis. Halatokoua, and the kids! We had so much fun and cleaned lots of clothes!!! 
Laba & Water fight!!

Dinner with the Delesantos family!
Another funny story we were in our farthest area one night this week and there were no tricycles for us to ride to get home and we just sat there waiting for one and then our recent convert their parents drove past us on a motorcycle and asked if we wanted a ride! Well of course we did cause we needed to be home and that was all we got. So we fit 4 of us on a single motorcycle! That was quite the adventure! The dad was driving then the mom after him then sister Halatokoua then me! Only about half of my body was completely on the motorcycle and i just hung on for dear life! but we made it safe and sound laughing our guts out all along the way! I bet that was quite the sight for people 2 little Filipino people and 1 Tongan and 1 American all on the back of a motorcycle! 

We have also been teaching this one family there are a lot of them like 20 plus but we are focusing on a few of them and they are really progressing and we are excited for them. We actually found their real house the other day because usually we just teach at the grandparents house but their actual house is out in the middle of nowhere in the rice fields it is so peaceful and quiet i love it so much! 

The other day we were tracting and it was so hot we couldn't stand being in the sun any longer so we found a rope swing with a tire connected to it and swang and rested for a little bit. Then people saw us and came to talk to us and we were able to talk to them about the gospel and give them a book of Mormon and play volleyball with them for a little bit. We have a return appointment with them and we are so excited to teach them.
Lunch with Elders outside our apartment
Yesterday i was able to give a talk in sacrament meeting and it actually went really well. I talked about rescuing people and those who have forgotten about the gospel and have lost their ways helping them come back to the gospel. My favorite scripture that I read was Alma 5:16 about our interview with heavenly father after our lives here on the earth and that is what we want to hear from him our works we did here on the earth were righteous not bad. I know if we work hard and choose the right we will be blessed and not just us but generations and generations after us will be blessed!!! I know our savior lives and loves us and is waiting for us to take his hand! I love you all thanks for all the love and support!

-Sister Thayn

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