Sunday, November 15, 2015

NOVEMBER 8, 2015

Sister Thayn and Sister Crisanto
New companion

It has been another crazy week in the Philippines! This past week was transfer week! Monday we took my companion to the mission home and had to say goodbye cause she was done with her mission. That was so sad especially going home without a companion... dont worry i just joined another companionship! But i got a new companion! Her name is Sister Crisanto! she is so kind! we have lots of fun together! She is from the Philippines! She is so good at teaching so I am so excited to learn more of the language with her and learn and increase my language skills! 

My first attempt in making
Chicken adobo all by myself! SUCESS!!!!
EXCITING NEWS! I am pretty sure Bro. Edwardo will be baptized on November 28! That is our goal and we are really excited for that day!!! I can truly see the gospel working in Edwardos life. Right now we are teaching him repentance and repenting is a huge deal for him cause he has some hard feeling in his family but we are doing our best to help him and he says he is going to swallow his pride and repent! He also told us yesterday how excited he is to be baptized and be fully clean from all his sins! I cannot express my love for him! He is truly prepared and so ready and willing to be baptized I am just so excited for him! Also every visit we have with him he has read so much and studied so much and has so many questions! It is the best feeling ever when people get excited to know and learn more about the gospel. And i have the most amazing job ever to share the gospel everyday! 

Right now we are really working on finding families to teach and baptize. It is our mission goal. And me and my companion made a goal to find a new family every day this coming week! I have a question for you all and who ever is willing to reply but if you could answer this one question for me: "How has the gospel blessed you and your families life? and What is the thing that brings you the most comfort about the gospel?" I cant wait to hear the replies. I will use these in my teachings! thank you so much!


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