Saturday, November 28, 2015

NOVEMBER 15, 2015

WHEN YOU GOT TO GO...You got to go!
Sunset from my apartment

Another Week has gone by! Time goes by too fast! This week was a crazy week but also definitely a challenging week! We were punted a lot this week and it was challenging because lots of the people we were teaching really had no desire to listen. It is so hard especially when we know we have what they are looking for but they don't want to listen or have no desire. At least we are planting and preparing them for the future when they may be ready!

Two weeks ago I finished the Book of Mormon. I love reading from the scriptures daily and truly pondering and studying them. I especially love the Book of Mormon, it truly is the word of God and if we read and ponder from them daily it will give us all the direction and guidance we are looking for in our life, we just have to do our part! 

This week has been very exciting with Tatay Edwardo! He came to church for his 4th time in a row. Even though he cant hear anything that is going on in the classes he just reads his Book of Mormon and pamphlets and loves it! His faith is so strong! We taught him after church about keeping the Sabbath day holy and about the Priesthood we told him after he is baptized he can also hold the priesthood. He was so excited about everything and is so happy to be baptized. When he would get excited and really understand the things we were teaching him he would pound his hand on the table and go "OHHHHHH!!!!! Now i understand!!!" He has his interview this Saturday and will be baptized the next!! This is truly the best feeling ever! I love being a missionary!

Waiting for other sisters while we are
locked outof our apartment
I love being a missionary so much! It is definitely not the easiest but it is so incredibly rewarding! I love this gospel so much and love how it brings everyone together and unifies us no matter what race or culture you are. Although there are so many languages in the world we all speak the language of the spirit and that is the most key thing in missionary work is to have the spirit with you at all times and in all lessons. 

Something funny this week was having to use the bathroom while out proselyting... Wow that was quite the experience! But when you got to go... YOU GOT TO GO! They led me to this shed thing in the back that had curtains as walls. I walked in and there was this kind of toilet thing in the middle and well the rest is history! I never thought I would be so grateful for something as simple as a toilet I am just so happy i remembered to bring toilet paper with me! Also the bathroom door in our house is broken so sometimes when you are in there the door swings open! It is quite the adventure when you are in a cold shower trying not to freeze and then the door opens... HAHA we have just learned to be careful while in the bathroom!!! HAHA  Something crazy I ate this week was Chicken Intestines! That was interesting! It wasn't terrible but definitely was different than anything I have ever tried before!!! Well that is all of my CRAZY week!
Love you all! Hope you have a good week! 

Sister Thayn

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