Saturday, November 28, 2015

NOVEMBER 22, 2015

BAPTISMS and Cockroaches... 
HELLO everyone!  This was such a good week! Tatay Edwardo has his baptismal interview and is READY to be baptized! Our District Leader who gave him the interview said that he asked him one question and Edwardo did the rest of the talking and answered all the other questions without him even having to ask them! We are so excited for his baptism this Saturday!!! It is truly amazing how the gospel can change other people lives!

Edwardos Baptism interview

My companion and I goal for this Transfer has been to find and teach families. We have found a few families but none of them have been interesting and wont accept us after the first visit. It is sometimes frustrating because we can see that they are searching for something in their lives and have trials and we have the perfect and exact thing that they need in their life but they wont accept it. But all we can do is offer all that we have and it is their choice whether or not to accept it, we cannot force it on them. 
FHE with Azuelo Family

But good news we found a family this week! The Azuelo family! It is actually like three families but they all are related and live in the same houses. We did a Family Home Evening with them for our first visit and they absolutely loved it and want us to come back! We had so much fun and I am so excited to help and teach them the gospel! 

Something funny but absolutely terrifying that happened this week was I had just gotten into my Pajamas and was walking around the apartment about to go to bed and then one of the sisters yells DON'T MOVE!!!! So i freeze and then they hit me with a shoe so then I start freaking out cause now i know there is a bug on me and I thought it was gone but NOPE! I look down on my shirt and there was a giant Cockroach on my shirt and I just start screaming! It was quite the scene! HAHA but my house mates got it of and my Companion killed it! (Thats what companions are for!!!!) We all laughed so hard but I seriously had a heart attack! it was absolutely terrifying!!!! 

Laundry by hand
Well there is my week for you! Hope all is well at home! I would love to hear from you all! Have a good week!

Sister Thayn

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