Sunday, November 15, 2015

NOVEMBER 1, 2015

Happpy Halloween!

Rambuton (Yummy fruit)
Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a good Halloween Weekend! This week has been a little crazy but so good! We got punted a lot this week because of the holiday but we were able to meet so many people and share a little bit of the gospel with them. In our area we are mainly planting like it says in the scriptures there is a time for planting and harvesting but in our area it is time for planting which is sometimes difficult because we don't always see huge results but is so fun cause we talk with so many people each day!

EXCITING NEWS!!!!! Tatay Edwardo has a baptismal date! Our goal is November 28th I am just fasting and praying that he will  be able to make that goal! He is truly prepared from god and is starting to really recognize the truthfulness of what we are teaching him! Also he came to church for the second time in a row so we were ecstatic about that!!!! Even though he cant hear always his faith is so strong! 

Edwardo brings us food
Also this week we were standing outside a giant house debating whether to knock or not so we did rock paper sissors to see who would knock and sister Fantone lost so she knocked and the people opened the door and then shut it right away... well we were bummed about that but kept going and were just walking and i was praying in my heart that we could find someone and within 3 seconds we were walking past a gate and a man opened the door and it scared us so bad! but we said hello and stated talking to him and he let us in! His name is Clyde and wow he has quite the life! I am pretty sure we are his new psychiatrists! But he separated from his wife and his children have started ignoring him and then we was put in prison because he was sold a stolen motorcycle that he didn't know was stolen and now is living a lone and well long story short has quite the life! But he is also so prepared to learn the gospel! We returned to him to actually teach him yesterday and he had so many questions and we talked about the Plan of Salvation and he says he wants to make it to the Celestial kingdom. We also challenged him to be baptized and he accepted! I cant wait to see how clyde grows! We have so much to teach him but he is so open and receptive and wants to know the truth! And the best part about it all is we have the truth that we can give him! 

P-Day fun!
That's the thing that I love most about this work is we have the answer to every problem. Through Christ's Atonement any problem or hardship can be solved! And I get to share this message and truthfulness with people everyday! What a truly incredible calling I have as a representative of Jesus Christ! This gospel is the most amazing thing and the restoration of the Gospel truly changed the world and now we have everything we need to return to the presence of god and obtain celestial kingdom! All we need to do now is endure to the end by Reading the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon,  Praying with all sincerity of heart, Going to church, and doing our best to be more like Christ everyday!

This week is transfers and I will be getting a new companion! I don't think I will change areas but nothing is impossible so we will see what happens this coming week! I have to say by to Sister Fantone today cause she goes home! This coming week is going to be challenging but I know with god anything is possible!
Thanks for all the Love, Prayers, and Support! Love you all

-Sister Thayn



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