Monday, March 14, 2016

MARCH 6,2016


This has been such an amazing week we have had so many cool experiences and lots of fun! 
First of all it is like 6x as hot here in antique than it was in Iloilo city. I think it may just be that we are going into summer but it is like 98 degrees or above and so much humidity! other than the heat Antique is absolutely amazing!!!  Something funny that happened this week was we went to a less actives house and there was a monkey there and he was on a chain so he wouldn't run away. (he is their pet) we played with him and then we shared a message with sister then after she said how the monkey (his name is Barack... yes like Barack Obama) loves to pick the lice out of peoples hair so she stood underneath him and he jumped on her head and was picking through her hair to find lice. Then my companion did it then i did it. I first had my hair in a bun but he didn't like the bun and kept biting my bun so i took my hair out and he was running all over my head and picking through my hair but good thing NO LICE!!! It was so funny and we were laughing so hard then he climbed on my back and then bit my back it didn't really hurt it just scared me to death and well that was it of the monkey but we had lots of fun playing with Barack! 
One day this week we were just walking along the road in our farthest area and we started to talk to these people and then they said we could teach them so we did and as we were teaching them more and more people came to sit in and listen. Then after the lesson we asked all the other people where they live and then we went to one of the ladies house and met her family and she has 10 children who are all grown up and have there own families so this week we were able to teach them 3 lessons and every time there are about 13 of them... which is kind of scary and intimidating but they are so interested and it is so amazing! Every time we go to visit them there are more new people there wanting to listen! It is such an amazing experience! 

The work here in Antique is really progressing and we are so excited to help people come closer to Christ and help them know that they have a heavenly father who loves them so much and has a plan for them to return to him with their families forever! 

One more funny story... one night we were done working and we had just walked into the house and i had a bag of vegetables in my hand and i walked to the kitchen to open the door and when i did there was a giant TOKO (LIZARD) on the door and i screamed and as i did my companion was walking out of the bathroom and all she did was hear me scream and run and she runs after me and says you cant leave without me!!! then she slips and then pulls me down with her and the bag of vegetables goes flying everywhere! oh man we just laughed and laughed it was quite the ruckus but was so funny! I dont think i will ever get used to the animals and bugs here in the philippines! 

That was my week this week. Life is crazy as a missionary but it is all so worth it and so amazing. No other thing can bring this kind of happiness than missionary work! I LOVE IT! I love you all and would love to hear from you all! Have a good week! 

-Sister Thayn

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