Monday, March 14, 2016

FEBRUARY 21, 2016



Wow this has been such and amazing week! Lots of things have happened this week we had so many amazing and spiritual lessons with new investigators, multi zone conference, exchanges, CSP (community service project) and much more. 

On Wednesday we had exchanges and I went to the STLs area and slept over then and worked in their area for the day! The have lots of farm lands and I saw a caribou for the first time there. We had so much fun!

Then in our own area we were able to have some really good lessons where people were actually listening to us and wanted to know what we had to say and they asked questions and really had a desire to pray to know what we were saying is true it was such an incredible experience. 

We got to teach one of our members husband about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and when we told him we had a living prophet today on the earth his mind was blown! He had so many questions and was so excited to learn more and wanted to pray to know for himself if what we were saying is true. We can tell people all these things but unless they pray to know for themselves they will never really know! 

We also had another lesson where we were sitting in this little store teaching the owner and her niece. We taught them the restoration too and when we pulled out the Book of Mormon to show them and tell them about this boy came out from around the corner and was so excited to see it I guess he was listening to us the whole time but was too shy to come out but when we pulled out the Book of Mormon he was so excited to see it! It shows how powerful the Book of Mormon is! 

Then on Friday we had multi zone conference and got to see lots of our missionary friends! It was such an uplifting and inspiring conference! After we were so ready to get out and work our hardest! 

On Saturday we did a CSP and cleared out all the weeds and grass from a member in our wards land. It was fun we got to use machetes and it was so different pulling out weeds and plants that i have never seen before! We had lots of fun working hard and serving. Then we all ate and climbed the tree in the members backyard. 

It has been quite the week and we found out today that I will be transferring to Antique to be an STL (Sister Training Leader). I have only been in this new area for 3 weeks but we had this all of a sudden in the middle of a transfer transfers but I am excited for this new adventure. So on Thursday I will be transferring to antique on a bus for 2-3 hours. This new area has been my dream area and I cannot wait to get there! 

Cant wait for this coming week and I hope you are all well at home. I would love to get an update from you all! Love you so much! 

-Sister Thayn

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