Monday, October 5, 2015

OCTOBER 4, 2015

Zone Conference at the Beach and MICE!!
Hello Everyone!

This week has been good! We have another amazing investigator whose name is Joselito! We were teaching him the other day and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! We gave him a date to be baptized but he said he needs to know all before he can be baptized and we said perfect! thats exactly what you need to do! He is really progressing and loves reading the book of mormon and he asks lots of questions and I just pray every time that I can answer them well enough! 

We also taught Edwardo and he said that he is praying about the prophets and really has a desire to know! I am so excited for him! After our lesson with him he took us to a Tyangge (little convenient store) and bought us coke and cupcakes! He is the funniest and sweetest man ever!!! 
Snack Time with Edwardo

A funny story this week while we were teaching Joselito i saw 4-5 mice running across the floor and was just trying to contain my fright and they kept running by my feet and my companion could tell that I was a little jumpy and all of a sudden we were just all talking and my companion reaches her foot over and taps my foot and I almost jumped in the air I was so scared cause I thought it was a mouse and she just laughed!! haha but I was terrified! That was not the first time I have had encounters with mice! I was walking into a members house and a giant rat ran across my foot... Yeah I screamed!! haha and everyone just laughed at me! 

Today we had a zone activity at the beach which was very fun! I am loving my mission. Although some days are very hard and get overwhelming I do my best to see the eternal perspective and see how I am bringing others unto christ and it always makes my day better! Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all!

Zone Conference at the Beach
-Sister Thayn

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