Friday, January 8, 2016

DECEMBER 20, 2015

The original trio together again.
(Kiera had her dress made for about $12)

Merry Christmas I hope you all are doing good and have a Merry Christmas! This past week has been Insane but so fun and good! We had Christmas Conference, Sister Crisanto's Birthday, Sister Fepuleai finished her mission, Now we are a three some and working two areas but having so much fun and having a good Christmas Time!

Christmas conference this year was two days long the first day was games and food and presents and lots of laughing! The second day was such a spiritual and amazing devotional day! On the first day we played a relay race and me and 4 other missionaries from my zone got chosen and we were competing against other zones. There were 5 cups with something in it and a paper covering it so we couldn't see. The goal was to put whatever was in the cup in your mouth and run to the other end and spit it out in a bucket. But if you ate you got double the points. When it got to my turn I lifted up the paper and it was a gray pigs tongue! There was NO WAY I was going to eat that but I stuck it in my mouth and ran so fast to spit it out! Oh man Christmas conference was so fun! 

Photo op with Giant Snake
Then it was Sister Crisantos Birthday and we worked a normal day but then we were going to eat out later that night and on the way to the restaurant the little girl yells over to us "Sisters! sisters!" Then she points we look over and see the biggest snake I have ever seen in my entire life on top of a car! so of course we had to take a picture by it! 

in the jungle by the swinging bridge
Then we took Sister Fepuleai home and now me, Sister Crisanto and Sister Hein are companions till our transfers which is December 31st! But the other day we went to the other sisters area to work and it was my first time there so Sister Hein took us on an adventure and we went on this bamboo bridge that moves every time you walk on it but if you fall you fall straight into the sewer! GROSS! but I survived! 

This was such a fun week full of events but I am so excited for Christmas celebrating the birth of our savoir Jesus Christ! He is the reason for the season! I hope you all remember that and have a Merry and safe Christmas this year! This gospel is amazing and without it i dont know where I would be. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and all he has done for me! I love you all Have a Merry Christmas!

Sister Thayn


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