Sunday, December 13, 2015

DECEMBER 13, 2015

Sunset from our apartment
This has been a good week we have done a lot of walking under the scorching Philippines sun! I think this has been the hottest weeks of my mission! Although it is so stinkin hot I pray for help to just be able to endure the heat to work hard and continue without being restricted by the heat. This Christmas will be the first Christmas I will have in warm weather! Yes I miss the snow but this will be such an amazing Christmas I cannot wait!

Sister Thayn & Sister C. take a break
This week we were able to teach an In-Active sister we found a few weeks ago. We have taught her a few times but this is the first time we were able to teach her with her husband. At first I was a little nervous to teach her husband because he is a big guy and looks very hard and strict and we have had some experiences before where we got bible bashed and I was afraid that was what this lesson was going to be... but it wasn't AT ALL! It was a great lesson and her husband participated and at the end of the lesson said he would read and write questions down if he had them and would be there again for the next lesson! I am so excited to teach them again. We have really been focusing on families and what better families to teach than part member families and to get the entire family active again in the gospel! 

We also were able to attend the Christmas devotional last night by the first presidency! That was great! I hope you all were able to watch that! It was also so exciting to have our newest recent convert Tatay Edwardo come to the broadcast. He was in awe at all the people at the conference center and the choir! This church is truly incredible and the gospel is the most incredible and importing thing for us to all be able to receive while we are all here on the earth. And I have the most amazing calling to share the gospel to the people here in the Philippines! I absolutely love being a missionary, although it is very challenging and sometimes overwhelming this gospel is the only perfect thing in the world and as long as I do my best Christ will make up the rest! He will makeup for my language skills, teaching skills, and challenges as long as i work my hardest and do my best! I love this work and am so grateful for the gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ and this Christmas season! 
look what happens when you live together...We all dress alike too!!

Love you all hope all is well at home! Have a good week!
-Sister Thayn

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