Sunday, August 9, 2015

AUGUST 7, 2015


I cannot believe I have been out on my mission already for a month! Time is just flying by and I am starting to get scared that it is going to go by too fast! This week has been incredible! It has definitely had its rough days but so much good has happened that its hard to remember those hard days!
This past Sunday we had and awesome fast and testimony meeting! Someone brought up the saying from the scriptures "And it came to pass" She said how this line is repeated over and over in the scriptures and she said how hardships come into your life but they also will pass. Just like Nephi, he had hard times but they did also pass. Two quotes that I loved from Sunday was, "Its not a testimony without the test" and " Work not worry, Faith not fear" 
Sunday night we had a devotional and Sherri Dew was the speaker! Tuesday night we had a devotional that was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!! We never know who is speaking until we are all seated but on Tuesday we knew it was going to be an apostle! As we were all singing the prelude music the doors opened and in walked our MTC president, his wife, and then walked in.... President Russell M. Nelson and his wife! When we all saw pres. Nelson we all stood up and I was in instant tears! The spirit was so incredibly strong! The second he walked in the room it was as if the world changed! The spirit that he carries with his was unlike anything I have ever felt before and was undeniable! It confirmed to me that he is a man of god and was here to speak to us for god! It was such an incredible experience! He talked a lot about the second coming and us being reunited with god and how incredible that homecoming will be! When the talk was over and pres. Nelson left the entire room stayed silent and nobody wanted to leave and ruin the spirit that was there! It was INCREDIBLE!
This week the rest of our zone left for the Philippines! Then 35 new people came in! Crazy! But we got our flight plans today and we leave in 2 weeks!!!!! It is starting to be more real now that we have our travel plans! 
Well life is so good and I am just doing my best to learn more and more about the language of the spirit! Thanks for all your prayers and letters! They are very much needed! 
Hope you all have a good week!

Palangga 'Taka! ( I LOVE YOU)

-Sister Thayn

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