Sunday, July 26, 2015

JULY 17, 2015

We taught our first lesson in Ilongo!
This week has been so good! I cant believe I have already been here for a week although it sometimes feels like I have been here forever especially after the same food starts getting served over and over again! ;) I love my Companions we have so much fun together and laugh all the time! I had my first Sunday at the MTC and it was a lot different than I thought it would be but It was still amazing! Some Elders and Sisters in my district sang Love at home and by the end just about everyone was in tears partially because some were homesick but mainly because of how incredible the spirit was! We also watched this talk by President Bednar about the attributes of Christ! It was incredible and I think everyone needs to watch it whether they are a missionary or not! But it helped me put my mission into perspective! We taught our first lesson in Illongo 3 days after being in the MTC so that was absolutely insane!!!! Our first lesson wasn't very good but the more lessons we taught the better they got and I realized it really doesn't matter that I made mistakes in the language or that I forgot how to say something but the key to teaching is having the spirit there! Without the spirit it is impossible to teach! On Tuesday we had a great devotional given by Ben Banks! It was so good and after we were discussing it with our district and one of the Elders who is from Tonga told us his story. He said ever since he was little he has always wanted to go on a mission! His father isn't a member but always encouraged him to go on a mission! He told his dad he wouldn't go unless his dad started coming to church so his dad started to come to church and ended up getting baptized! And right before he left on his mission his dad became the bishop! This shows me that you don't have to be a missionary to help others come unto Christ and eventually be baptized! Anyone can be a missionary and I recommend you all pray and ask for missionary experiences this week! This gospel is incredible and my love for it is increasing every day! The language is starting to get better but is still difficult! Thanks for all your prayers! The gift of tongues is so incredibly real! I have learned more just one week at the MTC than I did 3 years of Spanish class in high school! I am able to bear my testimony, say a simple prayer, and say a few other things but my knowledge of the gospel and the language increases every day and It is so Incredible! I have loved all your letters and Dear Elders! Thank You and Love you all! Talk to you next week! :)

-Sister Thayn

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